SilverStripe is a great CMS, and now that we have our new product marketing manager Kerstin on board, we've taken some time to rethink the best ways to describe just what makes it so great. We're in a bit of an unusual position being a private company curating an open source product which is owned by its community in terms of use and code contributions. Our decisions need to take into consideration not just the commercial interests of SilverStripe Ltd, but also what's best for the software's growth.

Part of our rethinking is to do with today's release of SilverStripe 3.0 preview 1. This version sees a total separation of the SilverStripe CMS from the Sapphire framework, which means we're unleashing the full power of the framework which can be used for more than just websites. For example, we used it to build Dawn. Since Sapphire can be used separately to the CMS, it gets its own logo, but much more than that, we want to demonstrate all the benefits if offers as a foundation framework.

This also gives us a chance to examine what it is about SilverStripe that makes it different from any other CMS. Yes, it's open source, and yes it has a great community behind it. Those are great selling points for anyone looking to adopt a new CMS, but it doesn’t make SilverStripe strictly unique. So we looked under the hood of the code, where some marketers fear to tread. It was so nice and tidy in there! And that's what makes SilverStripe so great. The code is beautiful. Developers have total control, without worrying that content authors or designers are going to trip over something and accidentally bring the site down. You don't have to choose between elegant architecture and user-friendliness - with SilverStripe you get both.

We made our code elegant so you can built whatever you want

Our code is intended to let you build whatever you want. That could be websites, mobile sites, web applications, programmes - whatever. Sapphire and SilverStripe provide the basic blocks. You assemble them to suit your needs.

We're pushing that idea at the CMS Expo in Chicago by using the concept of building for our marketing paraphernalia. We've got USB flash drives in the shape of a popular building brick to give away to those who come to talk to us in our booth, we're having a prize draw for a Lego Robot at the end of the conference, and as trophies for our SilverStripe awards, we'll be giving out Lego models of the Willis Tower (still known as the Sears Tower), in a nice reference to where the expo is held. We would have preferred a New Zealand landmark, of course, but unfortunately the Lego architecture series hasn't come down under yet!

Just like it's fun to see the amazing creations people build with Lego, it's also a thrill for us to check out what's new in the SilverStripe community showcase, and to see how enthusiastically people speak about SilverStripe. We might not have a SilverStripe Land, but with SilverStripe 3, who knows what’s possible? The building blocks are there, now we - and the community - just have to build it!*


* SilverStripe 3 will definitely not contain a physical amusement park. SilverStripe 4.0, however...

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