One of our biggest and most attentive audiences I presented to while in the states was at the Silicon Valley New Tech meetup in the south of San Francisco. A very full room listened to presentations by me and others; see pictures and read  write up by Brian Solis. I was grateful to the people who listened attentively and asked intelligent questions, mainly to do with how SilverStripe compared with other systems out there. Thanks for keeping me on the spot!

Those in the bay area should definately RSVP for the October event, now that I see next month's is already booked out!

On a side note, the event really showcased the Silicon Valley investment culture (craze?) at work. In New Zealand, investors would be out of place at a technical showcase, but despite it being hosting at an investment firm, I still was taken aback by the large congregation of bone fide investors attending. It was a nice glimpse into how it was possible for so many American startups to find their first millions...

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