It being the month of September I thought I'd start to throw up some screenshots of the SilverStripe 2.1 release that will come later this month. In addition to his OpenID forum and OpenID CMS work, one of the other tributes to Markus Lanthaler is making it really easy to lock off website pages from the public, and you can set up 'lesser' administrators to edit certain regions of your site.

As requested, each page of your website will have fine-detail security options, as shown below. You can make as many security groups as you want.

If you mark a page as being visible to only certain people, it will automatically drop off your website's menus. If you directly visit the page's URL, it will present a prebuilt login screen, thereby making it really easy to set up extranets using SilverStripe.

In addition, you can  mark pages as not being editable in the CMS. This means you can give partly-trusted individuals access to edit certain regions of your site. They pages they are not granted access to are visible but readonly:


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Hi, what happened to this proposed functionality? Has it been implemented?

Posted on 30 Aug 2008 by Andrew Crosby

Such a feature was planned, but I think it will not be implemented (it shouldn't be much work to implement it if you want). The reason for not implementing it anymore is that Hayden is working on a new permission system (called matrix style interface) at the moment (see

Posted on 2 Oct 2007 by Markus Lanthaler

Markus: Are you considering adding "inherit" as a default setting for subpage editability? It would also be nice to be able to allow sub-admins to create/delete/reorder subpages in their domains.

Posted on 29 Sep 2007 by Colin Scroggins