On Friday, I was invited to speak with Dion Almaer about the SilverStripe project, our decision around PHP5, and how we ensured success with our participation in the the Google Summer of Code program which provided us with ten fulltime programmers to work on our project. The fifteen minute interview is on youtube.

You can also see a longer, more detailed talk I did a few months ago about Google Summer of Code.

Dion works in the open source programs office within Google, especially in the APIs department, and recently spoke at the Future of Web Apps conference in London about Google Gears. He also runs the very popular Ajaxian geek news site


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Unfortunately that wasn't recorded as far as I'm aware. (Anyone know?). I'll be putting up a post about the mentors summit over the weekend though! :)

Posted on 19 Oct 2007 by Siggy

Ello Sig, Hope you could also post a video of your session at the mentors summit. Ciao ciao!

Posted on 18 Oct 2007 by ben c. (philippines)