We're super excited about the upcoming Ignite Wellington #3, not just because we're sponsoring and we love any chance to meet others in the Wellington creative community, but also because we just purely love the event. Here's the pitch:

Have you ever been to a 60 minute talk and lamented that there was only five minutes of content? Imagine if you could hear only that five minutes... that's Ignite!

What’s so special about Ignite beyond the concept itself? Well, take a look at this picture.

How exactly does one build something out of marshmallows and spaghetti? Very very carefully, it turns out. What you're looking at in that image is the challenge that took place at the first Ignite. Attendees tried to build the tallest possible tower in a set period of time from the materials they were given, and there were some really interesting results generated.

The challenge for the second Ignite event was to throw a piece of paper the furthest through a hoop. Some teams went for a simple paper plane shape, others went for a ball approach, and one team even designed an elaborate biplane, taking out the prize for creativity.

That's what we like about Ignite. You don't know what challenge you're going to be asked to complete, and while presenters and their topics are always listed in advance, you don't know quite what to expect from them either. You might be enthralled by what someone learnt while biking across America, find out what would inspire someone to cover trees with bits of knitting, or you might even end up buying some lunar real estate.

So how does that relate back to SilverStripe? Well, we like to make sure that we poke our heads up out of the code every once in a while to look for new inspiration, and to keep our minds fresh. Sometimes that takes the form of office challenges, but other times, it just involves sitting back, letting someone else do the talking, and seeing where that takes our brains. I really don't want to use the phrase "thinking outside the box," but clearly I need some Ignite inspiration right now to come up with a better way to to express how useful it is to see other ways people deal with obstacles that pop up!

Sounds like fun, yeah? So we'll see you at the Paramount on February 8 if you're in Wellington. Otherwise, keep your eye on Ignites around the world.

All images courtesy of Ignite

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