Over the past three years Google has encouraged and paid over a thousand University-level programming students to contribute heavily to several of the key global open source software projects through the Google Summer of Code.

We were very grateful to be included in this program in 2007, as it led to the bulk of the new awesome features in SilverStripe v2.2,  our language-translation system, several extension modules (e.g. Flickr, YouTube, Google Maps), and bolstered the global developer community around SilverStripe.

Over the past few months we have been working with Google and a couple of other open source projects on a similar program that lets high-school students also get a great taste of what it's like to be involved in a global, open-source software project.

We have come up with over 60 tasks for high school students to work on. They are deliberately kept fairly simple and most don't require you to be a geek genius to be a stand-out contributor! Examples:

  • Design and build beautiful themes
  • Code up a widget
  • Translate SilverStripe into another language
  • Improve our documentation
  • Test the project and file bug reports
  • Build a SilverStripe website for a non-profit
  • Present SilverStripe to a group of people

Students get paid USD100 for every three successfully completed tasks. Tasks can be worked on right now, and must be completed by 4 Feb 2008. If you're deemed by us as the best contributor you'll get an all-expenses-paid trip to Google! Everyone involved will get a Google T-Shirt and fantastic real-world experience working on an open source project, which will be loads of fun and a real boost to your CV...

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I have claimed an issues at the GHOP, and willing to work on the Shopping Cart Contents Widget. I am really interested in working with you all...

Posted on 9 Dec 2007 by Danilo Fonseka

The InfoTech article made me think that I had already won...

Posted on 4 Dec 2007 by Simon Welsh

Quick heads-up: We've nearly got all tasks claimed, and some already completed - which is pretty awesome! I've just added another 5 tasks for translating the Silverstripe UI. We might add some more tasks in other areas as well once the first round is completed.

Posted on 3 Dec 2007 by Ingo Schommer

Clarification: Today the Wellington daily newspaper, The Dominion Post, mentioned "One Wellington High School Student will get a trip to Google's headquarters thanks to the relationship local open source developer SilverStripe has built up with the software giant". We would certainly love for a Wellington student to win the prize, however the contest is global; the winner will be the best student contributor overall. If that happens to be a local Wellingtonian that would be fantastic!

Posted on 3 Dec 2007 by Sigurd Magnusson

Mattio. Glad to have you on board. Feel free to come chat online to other SilverStripers; http://www.silverstripe.com/irc/

Posted on 30 Nov 2007 by Sigurd Magnusson

Victorio - no need to ask here to join. Just read the rules; http://code.google.com/opensource/ghop/2007-8/rules.html Then choose a task and claim it! http://code.google.com/p/google-highly-open-participation-silverstripe/issues/list

Posted on 30 Nov 2007 by Sigurd Magnusson

Id like to join the CMS. Im a student in Auckland doing PHP, Javascript, ActionScript and xHTML

Posted on 30 Nov 2007 by Victorio Soliven

I'm going to participate! I come from Italy and I'm interested in your CMS. Nice work!

Posted on 30 Nov 2007 by Mattia