Check this out! The image editor and upload improvements have come a huge way since we last showed Mateusz's work back in July. The code is currently publicly available for download via Subversion and will be released in SilverStripe 2.2.

Beautiful, powerful image editor

Will collaborated with Mateusz to provide a slick design to the image editor, which allows image rotation, cropping, resizing, and undoing your actions... (all using HTML, CSS, AJAX, PHP5; not Flash)

Allow multiple file-uploads, with progress bar

I often find when managing the that I need to upload serveral files at once. Uploading them using a normal HTML INPUT field is slow and tedius so Mateuz used a tool we found on Ajaxian to add a bulk-file upload feature to SilverStripe, including progress bars...

Streamlining uploading photos into the WYSIWYG editor

Past time constraints had meant the means to upload photos into the WYSIWYG page editor required you to jump into the Files and Images section, and that made it a longer process than necessary. It was just a case of finding a volunteer to improve it, so I'm incredibly thankful to Mateusz who squeezed this great improvement into his busy schedule!

You'll note the new add folder option, as well as being able to upload multiple files at once.

Usability and garbage collection

Mateuz also fixed a number of usability issues with the Files and Images section, such as improving pagination. He also put considerable work into a feature that allows you to determine which images you don't use on your website, so you can delete them with confidence!

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Colin, smart Idea. This might be a very very handy feature. Also just a note the design of the image editor is similar to the overall redesign of the CMS we are working on.

Posted on 29 Sep 2007 by Will

Will: After watching the first screencap, I was struck by how helpful a "save as" feature would be. There are many times where I want to use a derivative of a larger image, but would not want to be directly editing and saving over that image. Allowing the user to save the edited version with a different name, thus leaving the original intact would be a huge time saver!

Posted on 29 Sep 2007 by Colin Scroggins