The first two weeks of the Google Highly Open Participation contest have been amazing.

We had so many tasks worked on by highschool students that we've had to create a whole new batch of tasks, and it looks like we'll be needing to repeat this throughout the remaining six weeks of the contest to prevent it from prematurely finishing.

It's inspirational to see smart highschoolers get a webserver going, install SilverStripe, and perform technical work, be it XHTML, CSS, design, translation, PHP coding, or debugging, and packaging it to a quality you'd expect from a professional with significant work experience.

Best of all, only two weeks in, a large amount of the work done is already available for you to download and make your SilverStripe website even cooler!

Stunning new themes to download!

Khaki Kraze

Olive Sunset


 by jtbandes   by joaopauloreisalves   by joaopauloreisalves

There's many more in progress and a few new build-a-template spots for students left...

New language translations

  • Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Italian, Brazilian Portugese are now ready to be included in our next official SilverStripe release
  • Finish, Swedish, and Dannish have now been completed and now only need a peer review
  • The blog, ecommerce, forum and other modules have now been made translatable, and will be released early next year.
  • Check to see languages needing translation; anyone can apply to help translate SilverStripe!

New widgets for your blog

  • Instant messenger status
  • Language changer
  • Countdown
  • Recent articles on digg
  • Video widget

Screenshots and downloads at

And a bunch of other great stuff, including: 

If you're a highschooler anywhere in the world who hasn't yet looked into the contest, there is still plenty of time to get involved and earn a T-Shirt, a bit of spare cash, and compete for the grand prize, a free trip to Google!

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Keep checking back over to the themes and widgets area, they're steadily increasing.

Posted on 17 Dec 2007 by Sigurd Magnusson

Howard, yes great to catch up; hope to work with you next year and make further opportunities like this available to New Zealand highschoolers, where we can combine competition, fun, and providing relevant technical skills. Elias, you're quite right, fixed.

Posted on 17 Dec 2007 by Sigurd Magnusson

"Finish, Swedish, and Danish have now been completed and now only need a peer review" I think you mean Finnish. ;)

Posted on 15 Dec 2007 by Elias Julkunen

Great to talk to you this AM and get an idea of some of the great work being done in the Google High School contest. HB

Posted on 14 Dec 2007 by Howard Baldwin