With the release process of SilverStripe 2.1 now underway, a really exciting development has begun over in Germany. One of our core developers, Ingo, has started on the SIlverStripe 2.2 release, which will include the hundreds of new features by our ten Google superstars: Bernat Foj Capell, Elijah Lofgren, Lakshan Perera, Mateusz Ujma, Markus Lanthaler, Meg Risen, Ofir Picazo, Philipp Krenn, Quin Hoxie, and Will Scott.

As Ingo mentioned, the code being poured in is available via Subversion, and you can see his work in real-time thanks to IRC (Elijah set up a script so that every addition to SilverStripe is automatically messaged into the #silverstripe chat channel).




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boy I see your hosting bill going up :)

Posted on 27 Oct 2007 by DVLPR

Yeah, me too :D

Posted on 16 Sep 2007 by Tate Johnson

Great! :) I look forward to seeing the gsoc branch come into the main line of development. I look forward to 2.2 :)

Posted on 15 Sep 2007 by Elijah Lofgren