Romain has just released an updated version of the Gallery Module (v0.2.1; 400kb download). Its looking fantastic, and is full of features. Like our new blog module with drag-n-drop widgets, it requires SilverStripe 2.1.0rc2 or later.

The update offers a huge amount of extra configuration within the CMS, and as always, you can use the SilverStripe developer framework to easily customise and configure it much further. The installation instructions are very simple, and you can quickly begin configuring your gallery:

The above settings allow you to choose the size and number of images, which by default look like:


Romain has made use of the Lightwindow 2.0 pop up library to provide a very professional, intuitive and usable browsing process... I especially appreciate having previous and next links while in pop-up mode...


More than just a photo gallery, you can specify the file types to list. Now you can create professional lists of videos and office documents...

In fact, you can configure your own file types, such as adding support for showing Excel Files...

This results in a "gallery" of office documents. You can upload and specify your own icons for the file types, too.


So, demo or download out the gallery module, and let us of know of suggestions and any issues for Romain to work on!

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Great work. Thanks from Russia

Posted on 20 Nov 2008 by Russian Support

Great work guys!

Posted on 21 Sep 2008 by Mads

Cancel last comment, problem on my side!

Posted on 12 Sep 2008 by Jayne Ion

The cropped resize function does not work for me - the thumb images are resized instead of cropped and maintain the original composition (portrait or landscape) instead of the dimensions provided. Any suggestions?

Posted on 12 Sep 2008 by Jayne Ion

The instructions are in the tar.gz. Unfortunately I have one problem: It won't show the images (in the cms or site). I'm using 2.2.1

Posted on 18 Aug 2008 by Bootvis

The link "Installation Instructions" above resolves to a non-existent page:

Posted on 28 Mar 2008 by Russ

Has anyone tried exporting data and files from a "Gallery" install ( into the Silverstripe Gallery module??

Posted on 27 Mar 2008 by Russ

Gallery 0.2.2 has been released, addressing your concerns below... go try it out :)

Posted on 8 Nov 2007 by Siggy

The gallery module is essentially a part time effort by a single person, and we'd love for others to pitch in with patches and suggestions for the 0.3 release--that's the merit of open source :)

Posted on 20 Oct 2007 by Sigurd Magnusson

Have you see their own demo of this? The green template gallery is broken as all get out. Both templates show the photos distorted in the lightbox popup when clicked. This thing is still buggy, evidently.

Posted on 20 Oct 2007 by Wong Fei Hung