While I'm a writer, not a programmer, there are things I've taken from the open source philosophy. And the main one is: be open to good ideas coming from the people around you. And give them a try.

I study improv comedy - performing on stage, with a group, without a script. It's also responsible for my employment at SilverStripe.

In early April, I had a job in Tauranga that was, for various reasons, a poor fit. So, I accepted that I would have to move back to the U.S., something I didn't want to do, and decided to spend a couple of weeks in the more urban Wellington.

I had headed down to Wellington partially because Wellington had the largest improv community in New Zealand. My friend Andy from my hometown of Austin, sent an e-mail to his contacts in Wellington, and the Wellington improvisers invited me down to rehearse with them - a goodwill gesture of hospitality for a fellow performer.

It was at that rehearsal, though, that I met someone who worked in the tech industry in Wellington, and was also an immigrant from the United States. He suggested that before giving up, I try going to an event known as "Thursday Night Curry" here in Wellington, a sort of networking group for the tech-savvy in Wellington.

I went ahead and printed up a copy of my C.V. for Thursday Night Curry, and showed it around. One attendee, Johnathan Brewer, noted that I might be a good fit for a number of companies - SilverStripe being on the top of the list. That night, I sent off my C.V. to those companies.

I was surprised to hear back the next day from SilverStripe - and they asked me to come in for an interview on Tuesday. A second interview on Wednesday led to a job offer on Wednesday afternoon, and I accepted on Thursday, after following advice my parents gave me to sleep on any job offer.

As fortune had it, I turned out to be a good fit for SilverStripe. They were looking for a writer for a while, plus my previous experience at NetQoS writing about enterprise IT network monitoring translated very well to their new initiative in web environment monitoring - which would become known as Dawn.

This all happened over the course of about a week.

Now, there's no doubt that getting the job that quickly was a matter of serendipity and luck. Especially in this job market. But the thing about it was that I remained open to the possibilities and didn't shut down good ideas when I heard them.

Printing up resumes and attending networking events less than two weeks before my flight out of the country smacked of a last-ditch, desperate effort. But I very well could have just not made that effort and I'd be writing this to you from Austin. Or, actually, I wouldn't be writing this to you because I wouldn't be working for SilverStripe... I think you know what I mean though.

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Sorry if I didn't make this clear; I'm in Wellington, New Zealand now, which means I didn't have to return to the U.S., because I found the job at SilverStripe. As for why SilverStripe needs a writer, SilverStripe is a growing company, with a growing need for various writing projects. Unfortunately, writing documents takes time, time which most people at SilverStripe would rather spend doing the things they're best at. They brought me on board to write because that's what I'm best at, freeing up everyone else to work on other things.

Posted on 3 Jun 2010 by Brian Boyko

Dear Brian, Your story is very inspiring and certainly give me a personal lesson that one should not just look for job prospects in his/her own country but in international job search is a good idea too. I do not have a lot of experience with Silverstripe but since many hosting Companies like GoDaddy offer SilverStripe as a pre-approved Content Management System option, I know it is bound to be a very good and powerful software. What I did not understand is what would they need a writer? ( You mentioned: They were looking for a writer for a while). Good for you .. it looks you will be working remotely from Austin, Texas. I wonder how do you adjust your work schedule with the US-NZ time difference. Anyway .. Good Luck

Posted on 3 Jun 2010 by Tina Author