Russell Michell

Senior Developer


Russ or Russell - it depends - describes himself in the context of work as an absolute web all-rounder, as comfortable on the command-line as he is with the front-end. Originally from Cambridge, UK he has performed his craft for startups, academia and agencies in the UK, Australia and in the years since his first OE to New Zealand back in '99.

Russ will argue his foray into web-development was down to his love of skateboarding, something he was pretty good at until a knee-injury forced him into early retirement in 2003. His knee is a little better now and often skates to work from the train, after travelling the hour-long commute from his recently built Kapiti home.

When not hard at work coding, Russ can be found at home - also building - with everything from PHP and jQuery to his latest haul from PlaceMaker's timber-yard, all with a view to living off-grid on his three acres by the beach, with his partner, baby daughter, three cats and two chickens.