Julian Seidenberg



Julian is an American citizen who has never lived in America. He was born and grew up in Germany, studied in the UK, and is now happily living in New Zealand, whose friendly, laid-back culture and natural beauty he values.

With a life-long interest in computers and technology, Julian has a background in developing web applications using PHP and Java and has worked in a variety of software engineering roles. He knows good design when he sees it, but is barely able to draw a decent stick figure.

In his role as developer, Julian works with the rest of the team on large projects, as well as acting as technical lead on projects of his own.

Julian holds a PhD in Semantic Web technology from the University of Manchester and has a number of publications in the field. As a developer at SilverStripe, Julian hopes to add more and more semantic web goodness to the SilverStripe platform.

Outside of work Julian enjoys studying and teaching the 5000-year old Hare Krishna philosophy (look for him at Gaura Yoga or ask him about self-realisation and whatnot), yoga, playing the cello, and photography. He is a founding member of the Institute for a Sustainable Society and he blogs occasionally.