Ingo Schommer

Senior Developer


Ingo joined SilverStripe with its 2.0 release, and has since become an integral member of the development team. After five years in the Wellington office, he's continuing to support SilverStripe remotely from his new home in Cologne, Germany.

At SilverStripe, Ingo analyses and builds modern web applications, making sure they work well in a browser, not just on paper. As a core developer of SilverStripe's open source framework, he facilitates community involvement, and helps architect and implement core functionality. Ingo authored the first book about SilverStripe, and is still keen on keeping the documentation fresh.

Ingo graduated as Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Media Production and has several years experience as a freelance PHP and Flash developer.

Away from the keyboard, Ingo is an avid window farmer, debugging water flow and performance optimizing sun exposure instead of PHP.

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